Thursday, December 20, 2007

F#@%!NG UPDATE: Jim Dooley gig

Oh my this is depressing. Mostly cause here I was getting my hopes up...

In my cover letter, I explicitly stated that I need at least 40 thousand dollars a year to take a salaried position. In the case of Stiletto, the salary is nearly that plus since there's so much travel, most of my food & entertainment expenses are covered so it certainly would work out that way.

Apparently to most people in the film industry, $24,000 dollars a year is enough to buy 100% of my time 12+ hours per day 7 days a week. Oh, but Jim will pay for my lunch?

Look kids, here's a lesson for you - learn how to do math. If you learn how to do math, then when someone in Hollywood offers you 24K and no benefits of any kind to give up your entire life to work as a low-level technical assistant to a composer (even one whose work you like), you can say... Wait a tick, that's less than 6 dollars an hour in a state with a minimum wage of $8. Wait a tick, with overtime, the minimum you'd need to pay me is over $40K per year. AND lastly, wait a tick! I went to fucking graduate school at New York University and shouldn't be fucking making fucking 8 goddamn fucking dollars an hour anyway!!!


This get's really ridiculous... If I've learned anything about Hollywood so far, it's this:

Ya know how everytime you see a business man - they're always presented as evil guys who would kill their employees just so they could have something to walk on if there was a puddle in the street and a nickle on the other side?

The film industry presents such people like that because that is the reality of the entertainment business. If they only knew that all the people I know who work in other industries - the "evil" ones you always see in the movies... I've got friends who work for software giants, railroads like Union Pacific, gigantic book publishers like McGraw-Hill, enormous land development and construction contractors for example... and all those people make real wages, get benefits, bonuses and by and large get treated with respect by their employers. The truth of the matter is, it's just the entertainment industry that harbors those types of tycoons... and they're not guys wearing fancy suits... they're patchouli douchebags wearing sandals and sunglasses.

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