Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Woah... Life. POW!

I've barely had time to blog the last couple weeks... In some ways this is incredibly exciting, though I definitely hope to get back to being able to write as well.

After I left SmartSound, I've experienced an explosion of good fortune. I've been contracted by the Ludwig von Mises Institute to re-work the media component of their website, which I started a couple weeks ago and is going very well, moving even more quickly than I expected actually. This past weekend, I scored a film for the Institute for Justice (which I will post on YouTube & embed here when they have released it to the public). I'm also about halfway done producing a film to present to the various pro-freedom outlets... It's been so busy around here that I've had so little time to do anything else besides work.

I like it!

The past year has sometimes felt so lazy overall, what with working 4 days a week at the software company. But at the same time, I've had a significant amount of time to read, write and educate myself. I've cultivated very serious intellectual hobbies and moved to what I certainly feel are new plateaus in my knowledge of history, economics & the philosophy of liberty. I've managed to become connected - if only tangentially in some cases - with some of the major players in the preservation of individual liberties. I've made friends within the movement.

My hope is that I can simply keep up what I'm doing and turn what has been really great short-term fortune into a long term success.

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