Saturday, May 22, 2010


I'm shocked and dismayed that it's been nearly a month since I've written any meaningful blog.  I have one to do in a few minutes which will hopefully make up for my absence, but I wanted to make note of why I've been absent.

A ton of craziness has happened to me in the last month.

First off, I was deathly ill for two weeks. Somehow on my last trip to Connecticut I managed to contract Mononucleosis... Not really sure how, but regardless the pathology, it was one of the worst and most painful experiences of my life.  After visits to the doctor, steroid shots and several periods of bed rest, I think I'm cured.  I spent several days not being able to talk or even ingest food, so I'm incredibly happy that I'm able to live again.

Secondly, I'm moving... Out of Los Angeles... In August.

My (married) roommates finally decided they wanted their own place and though it's a little earlier than we were expecting, my girlfriend and I decided that it was time to quit flying back & forth across the country all the time... So I will be moving to downtown Hartford, Connecticut in a couple months.  I'm actually really excited about this.  It's a life changing step for me, and one which will make me immensely happy for personal reasons. As an added bonus, I will be just 3 hours by train outside of Manhattan; so it will be easy for me to still meet with important clients and even see some old friends. I'm really thrilled for this move...

Thirdly... I've managed to secure a generous grant from the Moving Picture Institute to create two educational videos focusing on the Bill of Rights.  One is already under way, and I'm about to begin writing for the second very soon. I also have a major project with the Foundation for Economic Education on why economic education is important.  All in all it's going to be a very profitable next few months for me - personally and professionally.Publish Post

Exciting times :)

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