Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm posting a Daily Show clip? Just this once!

True enough... Finally, Jon Stewart says something I think is worth something:

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Seriously though... I don't know how many times I could have said 100% of this for the past two or three years... And no one listened. Instead, they heard generic & vague yet clearly enunciated platitudes coming out of the mouth of an attractive politician. No invented Southern accent must mean that he's smarter than the last guy... And what's this you say? He's a "Constitutional scholar" as well?  Man... What could be better for America!

We were bound to have a president truly different from George W. Bush.  It was going to be great, all the power-grabs and new regulations (strange behavior for someone who we're also told "deregulated" everything, isn't it?), new authorities usurped from the people by Bush would be gone... The power of the executive branch would shrink under Obama and people would have their civil liberties protected once again.

I was skeptical.

I wrote of being skeptical... I noted the nannyism, the power-hungry nature of Obama, the historical tendency for the new boss to be exactly the same as the old boss and for government power to increase - never decrease... At least not without a violent revolution, unfortunately.

But I was told that I was crazy... I was to trust that Obama was a smart man, he was a professor, he cared about principles and the Constitution.

Finally, even Jon Stewart is starting to recognize all that as utter bullshit... I hope everyone else does too.

Honestly though, it shouldn't take so long for people to catch up to the obvious.

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