Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New Videos!

It occurs to me that I've not only forgotten to post my newest video from CitizenA Multimedia Production on here, I've forgotten to post my video on "America's Economics Knowledge Deficit" produced for the Foundation for Economic Education!

First... Learn about the importance of economics education to America's future right here:

Then check out my election-related video and when the time comes next week, please, please, please vote for a smaller, less intrusive government!

Thanks for watching!!


butonemike said...

Don't forget statistics! The government is all on board with the information age. Lots of raw data gets compressed into a few simple bars or lines? Perfect! Nearly every piece of major legislation that gets reported on is featured along side faulty economic principles and heavily massaged statistics. Most people do not see necessity and/or do not have the ability to dig into statistical summaries; society accepts some figure at face value and moves along, fancying itself well informed. Of course this problem extends well beyond the political arena. People may base their votes on economic promises but their base almost all their decisions on statistical promises. What food to eat which pill to take how many hours to sleep which car to drive. At the end of the day most people are a little bit more screwed than they were that morning and none among them the wiser.

Sean W. Malone said...

Well said!