Friday, December 17, 2010

The Bill of Rights on YouTube!

I've finally decided to release my Bill of Rights series to the public at large, and post them up on YouTube for everyone to see.

Watch them both right here on the blog in order. And please like or favorite the videos, rate & comment, and most of all - please share these with everyone you know! People need to better understand the ideas of natural rights, the ideas behind the US Constitution, and behind the protections against government abuse that the Bill of Rights was supposed to provide us all against the potential (and existing) abuses of government.

Without this understanding, we are more likely to - and do - allow government to overreach its mandate often and with increasing intensity. That's why I wanted to produce these films, and fortunately the Moving Picture Institute generously agreed with me, and helped to fund my existence for a few months as I created the project.

First, take a look at the history & philosophy behind the Bill of Rights in Part 1:

Then, follow that up with a look at the purpose of each individual amendments in Part 2:

These ideas are crucially important to understand, and more importantly - they are empowering!

To know that only you own your own body, your own mind and you are responsible for your actions is a powerful idea. It is one of the most fundamental foundations of liberty. So please go to YouTube and rate, comment and "like" these films. And by all means, embed this series on your own blogs and share them with your friends.

Thanks for watching!

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