Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Holy Cognitive Dissonance, Batman!

My twitter feed is filled with all kinds of interesting, odd, surreal, insane, hilarious and sometimes upsetting things. I tend to like it this way because I get a lot of viewpoints and a lot of ideas. But sometimes... holy cow. You get something as unexpected as this interview/debate, from Playboy Magazine, with the notorious conservative blog-tycoon Andrew Breitbart... and famed liberal journalist, Paul Krassner.

First off... Huh? Breitbart?

But no. That's not even the interesting part! The interesting part was when Krassner blew my mind with a stunning display of cognitive dissonance - the likes of which I've almost never seen so clearly before ever. Feast your little eyes at this:
KRASSNER: It’s revealing that Norman Thomas ran for president six times as the Socialist Party candidate, and though he was defeated in each election, over the past several decades every one of his platform planks has been adopted by both Republican and Democratic administrations. The laws they passed just weren’t labeled socialist. Now, I have no economic ideology, but I realize there is something wrong with capitalism. I realized it as I read the business section all those years before the recession was officially declared. I noticed day after day these news items about hundreds of employees being let go by different corporations, and yet their shareholders were pleased because the value of their stocks went up. There’s something wrong with that. In the insurance industry especially, greed became a preexisting condition.
Let me just go back over that once more so your brain has time to fully digest the comment...
"...over the past several decades every one of his [Socialist Party] platform planks has been adopted by both Republican and Democratic administrations."
"I realize there is something wrong with capitalism."
Wow. Explain how a 79 year old man can say these things without a trace of irony. Please? I mean seriously. He outright acknowledges that we've moved in a distinctly socialist direction, adopting literal planks of the Socialist Party platform, and yet still manages to blame "capitalism" for failures in the economy.

I'm speechless.

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