Monday, July 13, 2009

$18 Million for a website...

So today, Reason Magazine reports an update to their coverage of governmental "transparency" with the Obama administration...

As they reported a while ago, is a gigantic, useless failure. If you've ever visited the site (I encourage a thorough perusal) you'll find that it's a great resource if you want to be "impressed" by shiny graphs and human interest stories with pretty pictures of groundbreaking ceremonies... But... A pretty bad resource if you want to find out what of the stimulus money is ACTUALLY being spent.

On the other hand... Private corporation, Onvia created (which in point of fact is really for businesses to check to see if they can get a place at the government trough), works perfectly. Check out Reason.TV's interview of Mike Pickett, Onvia's CEO:

But here's the kicker... The .GOV site - which has been around about 6 months is getting an $18,000,000 makeover.

Eighteen. Million. Dollars.

...For a website.

Isn't it nice when idiotic, technology-illiterate bureaucrats blow millions of your tax dollars?

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