Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fun with Numbers...

Just throwing this out there:

The U.S. Federal budget for FY 2010 is approximately $3,550,000,000,000...

For a little perspective. If you spent $100 million a DAY, it would take you 97 years to spend it all. Alternatively... That's roughly $11,833.33 per person living in the United States, for one year (assuming a pop. of 300,000,000).

(Incidentally... This also works out to the government spending
$67,541,853.69 per hour all year long...)

So, what would you do with ~$12 thousand dollars a year? Think you could afford a couple bucks a day on road tolls? If you were a family of 4 you'd be getting $44,000 - think that's enough to send your kids to a school? Think you could afford a neighborhood security guard to watch your stuff? Some fire protection?

I bet I could.

By the by... The (over)estimated revenue projections for FY 2010? $2.381 Trillion... No worries, it's only a small disparity......

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