Monday, November 9, 2009

AI Limmericks

If your thesis is utterly vacuous,
Use first-order predicate calculus.
With sufficient formality,
The sheerest banality
Will be hailed by all as miraculous.

If your thesis is quite indefensible,
Reach for semantics intensional.
Over Montague grammar,
Your committee will stammer,
Not admitting it's incomprehensible!

If you're dull as a napkin, don't sigh;
Make your name as a "deep" sort of guy.
You just have to crib, see,
Any old book by Kripke
And publish in AAAI.

A hacker who studied ontology
Was famed for his sense of frivolity.
When his program inferred
That Clyde ISA Bird
He blamed -- not his code -- but zoology.

Funny :)

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