Monday, November 23, 2009

TV Writers: Dumbest People Ever!

Confirming yet again that Smallville's writers are some of the most ignorant and honestly, dumbest, people on the planet. Here I shall now quote a little speech given by character Lionel Luthor in Season 3, episode 14 to the high school's "Advanced Economics" class:
"Now, you're all here to learn something about business! The most important element with anything having to do with economic theory is the individual. Yes... You! Traditional rules: Supply & Demand, are secondary - but to rise above those rules, to know when to break them - requires absolute personal commitment. I consider it a prerequisite to success."
So... Yeah. Apparently, to the writing staff (and this is true in my experience of most TV & film writers, unfortunately), economic "rules" - by which I think they mean "laws", if they're using Supply & Demand as an example - are nothing more than suggestions.

Don't worry, Mr. Businessman, if demand is significantly higher than supply, you should just ignore all that and keep prices super low! It doesn't matter, ya know... There won't be any shortages or anything. And hey - when supply is higher than demand, ya know what? Just keep prices really high! That way, no one will buy your product and you'll go out of business... But don't worry, seriously, economic "rules" are like traffic laws. Obey them, don't obey them... It's up to you. If you're a master businessman, you learn how to break the "rules" and not get caught!

Cause again, the "rules" aren't well-established (and rather basic) mathematical & logical principles or anything - they are not observable constants of reality and descriptions of immutable aspects of trading finite resources that economists happen to have pointed out... Nope... They're all just totally arbitrary.



I go now, to bash my brains in against my TV.

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