Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Alex Jones' Comedy Hour

There's so much comedy gold on today's Hit & Run thread about Alex Jones, but this bit is probably my favorite.

sevo|3.28.11 @ 8:10PM|

"What quote is this about WW1 history..?"
For starters, it's *WWII*. Just so you know.

Almanian|3.28.11 @ 8:47PM|

"World War II - The Other World War I™"

sevo|3.28.11 @ 8:59PM|

WWII; the "NEW WWI"?

Nipplemancer|3.29.11 @ 12:46AM|


halfdoghalfdeer|3.29.11 @ 11:22AM|

WWII, This time it's personal!

I should really spend more time over there... and if I had the time, I totally would.

And, I'm really not going to spend any time on this, but just so we're all clear. There is nothing remotely "libertarian" about Alex Jones. He's statist to the core.

Sure I might agree with him on a few things, like the importance of ending the Federal Reserve (although that is more of an economics point and doesn't have any direct relevance to libertarian philosophy at all)... but here's a key difference, I don't think that Congress should be in the business of printing a ton of money either!

Jones' positions on most things seem to be a ridiculously stupid mix of anti-historical nonsense with conclusions that generally concentrate power right back in the hands of people he thinks are behind innumerable conspiracies.

So... No, not libertarian, although he's been described that way by people who are equally confused.

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Quantum Tuba said...

The best way to counter the notion of Jones as a libertarian is just to look at his views on immigration. He's against immigration "because the globalists are for it."