Sunday, April 24, 2011

Catching Up

Hello my lovely blog, how long has it been?

Ok... Let's be honest, it's only been a couple weeks since my last post, but holy cow I've been busy. The majority of said busy-ness has come from my work with The Daily Caller and specifically Mary Katharine Ham.

So far, the past 6 weeks has raced by and I've had a pretty great time overall in my new digs. Unfortunately I've had to move all my gear from one room to another and then back to yet a third room right next to the first one in the past couple weeks, but I hope that this last move will have been the final one - at least for a good long while.

I have gotten a whole bunch of ancillary gear to become better prepared for the multitude of less-than-stellar audio & video environments that are becoming germane to my new life as a news & commentary multimedia producer.

Inside things that I am finding fun and amusing in no particular order:

  1. Morning editorial meetings with Tucker Carlson, often hilarious, frequently interesting and informative.
  2. Ever-changing and thus consistently-challenging recording environments and expectations. I go from shooting in front of the White House to visiting new Congress-people offices in the labyrinthine depths and murky undergrounds of House of Representative & Senate offices on Capitol Hill to quaint rural Virginia lake-houses, and back to my little make-shift greenscreen studio all within the span of a few hours.
  3. The chance to occasionally work on videos that say some things I really deeply care about.
  4. Working with a bunch of people who I actually pretty much like being around.
That last one is kind of a big deal for me... I tend to get along pretty well with most of the people I've ever worked with, but it's very rare that I'd have much opportunity to talk with people on any kind of a comparable level on political philosophy or economics, and at the Daily Caller I seem to be able to do that all the time.

It's a pretty good environment and although it's a lot more statist than I'd like overall, it's better than most places, and honestly - there's no way around that if you want to reach a broader audience.

And reach a broader audience I have....

The first video I produced over there was viewed around 60,000 times. And the numbers for other videos are in the quintuple digits frequently. This is good... and hey, my name is occasionally on the product too, so maybe at some point people will take some notice of that as well.

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