Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Raw Milk!

Almost two weeks ago, now, Mary Katharine and I went out to Capitol Hill to check out a rally that was held in support of Dan Allgyer, an Amish farmer from Pennsylvania who has been providing a few private "milk clubs" in the area with unpasteurized milk products.... *GASP!* Then, I made this video:

I love doing projects like this! I always enjoy opportunities to bridge the gap between people who like freedom for its own sake and people who enjoy doing things that are outside current societal norms. It always provides an excellent chance to convince some people who never considered the government as a problem before that it exists in order to limit people's freedoms.

People start with pragmatic ideas... they say, "Hey! Farmer Dan's milk never made anyone sick... why should he be prosecuted?" And then, with any luck, they start to think a bit more... Maybe they ask why government has a "right" to dictate what they are allowed to buy and consume. And hopefully, if they keep thinking a bit more, they may eventually expand this thought to more areas and more people. That's how we'll get back to a truly free society in America, and who knows... Maybe it will start with raw milk!

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