Thursday, June 30, 2011

Am I Even a Blogger Anymore?

Annoyingly, the time demands of my Daily Caller job have seriously hampered my ability to write anything of substance at Logicology for weeks. I am partially also getting used to doing a lot more of my typing and interneting on a tablet via touch screen instead of a proper computer, so that is contributing some to my lack of content as of late.

Rest assured, however, I am actually producing more multimedia content than I have in my entire life up to this point, so that side of my life is pure I sanity.

I am about to go on a 4th of July weekend blogging spree, however, and this spree will - of course - include an obligatory Freedom Day post as well as a host of multimedia content that has heretofore been unseen on this blog. I began the process of going through a massive backlog of media that I have produced - primarily for the Daily Caller - and uploading it to my own YouTube account. Although I have some incentive to push for page/video views at the Daily Caller website, the truth is that for long term linking and embedding... I am gonna put my faith in YouTube as a platform over Ooyala, hands down. Not only is YouTube smoother, their downrezzing more reliable and their interface much more standard across the internet; it is also searched by over 30 Billion people per month.

While I certainly get that TheDC has the need to find a format that engenders ad revenue (and YouTube is admittedly not great for that...), I would prefer my work be seen by as broad an audience as possible... So... After waiting what I believe is a perfectly appropriate amount of time I will now begin adding slightly older video content into the Blog along with my personal comments & occasionally "behind-the-scenes" notes about production.

I hope that strikes some readers/viewers as interesting, because unless something changes fairly su stantially with my overall workload soon, that's probably going to be the majority of what I actually have time to post... Even though, if I am quite honest, I totally miss writing longer form pieces.

With that said... I may also try to squeeze in a few more posts on a few big topics or events that have happened recently in the next couple days... We shall see, blog... We shall see!

PS... I bought a kayak!

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