Saturday, August 7, 2010

New Office!

It's been a week since I got to Hartford, and at least in the short term, my new office is all set up and ready to rock.

In case you're in the Hartford, Connecticut area, you're welcome to stop by at 750 Main St., Ste 1008D and say hi, but even if you're not, it's pretty exciting to have this new space in the middle of downtown. Eventually this space will be a lot better once I get the rest of my stuff (which is still on a truck somewhere) and a few other odds & ends, but it's up and running for now.

My trip here has been marked by some serious ups & downs, and a few personal setbacks - including a (minor) car wreck. Fortunately everyone and everything - except my car - is totally fine, but I did have to leave my vehicle at a shop just outside of Louisville, Kentucky... and of course, I'm going to have to fly back and get it in a few days.

Otherwise, I'm all set to begin work on a really big project for the Manhattan Institute doing a series of videos on  groups of people like trial lawyers & public sector union who stand in the way of common-sense, rational policy/budget reforms and then another project discussing the importance of economics knowledge for the Foundation for Economic Education.

These projects are going to take up a big chunk of my time (which, aside from the move, is why I've been pretty bad about blogging lately). But I'm happy to be working on them, but I'm also happy to schedule new projects for the future too, so if you have something you want to see created - let me know!

I hope to be back to blogging on more substantive topics soon. Cheers!